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MelaninWhiteCoats Podcast

Welcome to MelaninWhiteCoats Podcast where we entertain and enlighten you on topics relating to society, medicine and culture. We explore the world of everything FOR US, BY US and REPRESENTED BY US. This podcast explores in what ways we can elevate ourselves as individuals and in our communities so that we can achieve universal liberation from the systems in place that attempt to restrict us. Tune in with us as we continuously challenge the status quo and emerge from the ashes as curator, innovators and creatives of the world we want to see and BE!

Mar 17, 2022

Several weeks ago Joe Rogan and Fat Joe came under scruitiny for their use of the N word. On this Quick Takes episode we discuss our thoughts on the N word use in our communities and what does it signfiy?

Is it justified?

What is the history behind the word?

Are their context in which they are appropriate?

how should we...

Mar 11, 2022

On this episode of Melaninwhitecoats podcast we discuss with Dr Hodge, Family Medicine Physician and Cannabis enthusiast, 

the benefits of medical marijuana for patients with a variety of medical conditions 

what are the societal implications of legalizing cannabis 

what is cannabis and its various forms 

why it is...