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Mar 19, 2020

On this episode of the Melaninwhitecoats Podcast, we have Dr. White, a Pediatric Hospitalist in the metro Atlanta area, discussing her transition from blogging to being a main contributor to CNN on COVID-19. Dr. White is creator, editor and writer of the award winning blog, The Sophisticated lifestyle blog. In 2020, Dr. White is also serving as an ambassador for O, the Oprah Magazine and is a best selling author with her travel e book series on Amazon. We discuss how to access resources to educate yourself on the virus and what are the typical symptoms. Second, we discuss fatality rates in children and how the quarantine has affected our societal infrastructure. We also discuss how COVID 19 impacts our medical system and what lessons we may learn from this experience months down the line.

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15:09 Symptoms of the virus and how to access educational resources

22:13 How to prevent transmission 

25:37 Symptoms in Children and relevant fatality rates 

29:02 Dr. White thoughts on COVID 19 and its impact on our societal infastructure 

39:01 Impression on COVID 19's impact and burden on our hospitals and medical system 

41:27 Closing remarks