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MelaninWhiteCoats Podcast

Welcome to MelaninWhiteCoats Podcast where we entertain and enlighten you on topics relating to society, medicine and culture. We explore the world of everything FOR US, BY US and REPRESENTED BY US. This podcast explores in what ways we can elevate ourselves as individuals and in our communities so that we can achieve universal liberation from the systems in place that attempt to restrict us. Tune in with us as we continuously challenge the status quo and emerge from the ashes as curator, innovators and creatives of the world we want to see and BE!

Aug 15, 2022

On this episode, we discuss how Dr. Pascal, Podcast host of The Rich Black Doc reinvented herself after her encounter with endometriosis, a condition in which tissues which normally lines the uterus implant themselves in other areas of the body. She discusses the importance of the mindset shift and adapting to develop financial excellence. We also explore how she has been able to coordinate different ventures in and outside of entrepreneurialship and why knowledge is an essential component to financial growth.

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