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May 21, 2021

As it is graduation season upon us....On this episode,  we have two spectacular individuals whom Aldwin attended school with and graduated with a masters in medical science with at Morehouse School of Medicine. Dr Amber Frazier who is the first black resident  ever to attend psychiatry residency at her residency program at Atrium health and a recent homeowner utilizing the doctor loan along with,  Dr. Denise Hinton who is a former walk on to the LSU track team and eventual all American in weight and hammer throw and current Orthopedic Resident  at Duke doing a research year. We discuss 

-their respective challenges as black women in medicine and how they traversed being told no and they couldn't be the physicians they envisioned 

-for Amber how residency has challenged her in the most unanticipated ways and for Denise how research has given her a sense of clarity about what she wants to accomplish as a future pediatric orthopedic surgeon 

-the importance of team dynamics and how that translates to medicine ( Denise being on the LSU Track team and Amber being part of AKA's) 

-why it important to believe in yourself before anyone else 

-how their growth prior to medical school provided a foundation for them to be successful in any thing they focused themselves on 

-how personal failures taught them important lessons about life beyond medicine 

and more..... 

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