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Sep 17, 2020

On this episode, Dr. Ashley Roxanne Peterson discuses how she dealt with the challenge behind the media backlash of being named the first Black DO rather than the true statement of being the youngest black DO graduate from PCOM-GA and potentially the youngest Black DO graduate ever. She talks about how independence at an early allowed her to flourish and start her medical journey at a younger age than most of her peers. We also talk about the importance of balance during the medical journey and how the medical environment enforces the thought that grades mean everything at the expense of personal development. Not to forget we also speak about issues surrounding black love and its relevance to our culture today. We answer the questions of why media has become her passion and has evolved her ability to connect with people. When they went low, she went medium. She explores how people will hate upon your success but it is key to recognize that this is the price of accomplishment. 

Congratulations to our second annual giveaway winners, Student Doctor Esosa, Robert, and Angela! First place is receiving an amazon gift card worth 50 dollars and the second and third place are receiving a 25 dollar gift card! Also, thank you to everyone else who participated. We will have more giveaways in the future.

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